20 Effective Ways of Getting Rid of Corns and Calluses from Feet

If sooner or later, you suffered from corns and calluses, you acknowledge how irritating and painful it may be. For those who go away them untreated, they will later consequence to extreme well being issues. Fortunately, you may deal with them your self proper at residence.

Listed here are 20 methods you may deal with the corns and calluses from toes with out paying an excessive amount of.

Epsom salt for immediate reduction

For a lot of centuries, Epsom salt has been used as a remedy for varied diseases and circumstances.

Soak your toes for ten minutes in an Epsom tub. Use a pumice stone to clean the useless pores and skin. Use chilly water to rise. Repeat the method.

Castor oil helps to alleviate

Only a easy software of castor oil and rinsing can tremendously assist to alleviate the calluses and corns. Castor oil additionally has antifungal properties

Vinegar and Onion wraps to nourish and exfoliate

Take a few onions and slice them. For a couple of half hour soak them earlier than putting them on the world that’s affected. Wrap them in a single day.

Within the morning while you get up, take away them and use the pumice to take away the useless pores and skin.

Lemon wrap for an in a single day reduction

Soak a cotton ball in a lemon juice, then maintain the soaked cotton wad towards the world that’s affected and tape over it. Depart it there in a single day and within the morning rub off the useless pores and skin.

Baking soda for quick remedy

You need to use the baking soda paste or instantly apply it on the affected areas. You may nonetheless soak your toes in a shower with about three tablespoons of the baking soda.

Therapeutic massage to loosen

After soaking your toes and drying them, merely therapeutic massage the affected areas of your toes. This will increase the movement of blood and promotes the regeneration of pores and skin loosening the calluses. Use a pumice stone to take away the useless pores and skin.

Cocoa butter to moisturize and restore the pores and skin

Instantly apply cocoa butter to your corns and calluses. It acts as a soothing moisturizer in your physique pores and skin.

Olive oil for quick and inexpensive remedy

Olive oil will moisturize your calluses. Merely apply some olive oil to the affected areas of your toes. Therapeutic massage them nicely and this may also enable the blood to movement.

Raisins for quick remedy

You chop up the raisins and wrap up the naked fruit towards the affected areas of your toes. Use pumice stone within the morning to take away the useless pores and skin.

Vitamin E for a robust therapeutic

On your physique to thrive, you want vitamin E. Purchase topical lotions which can be infused with vitamin E. Merely apply to the affected areas and rinse. This can aid you get better out of your corns and calluses. Your pores and skin may also keep wholesome.


Take a slice of pineapple and wrap as much as moisturize the corns and calluses of your toes in a single day. Use a pumice stone to clean the world within the morning.


Take a pleasant slice of papaya and wrap it up in a kitchen wrap or bandage to the affected space of your toes.  Within the morning, scrub the world with a pumice stone.


Gently scrub the affected space with a pumice stone. Make a paste of olive oil and garlic and apply it to the affected areas of your toes. Permit the pores and skin to soak for a short time after which use pumice stone and scrub to take away the useless pores and skin.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil has therapeutic qualities. It soothes and moisturizes your pores and skin. Merely apply it to the affected areas of your toes and it’ll soothe and moisturize the affected space of your toes.


Use a mixture of turpentine oil and ice to quick and efficient reduction the corns and scale back their sizes. Cool the affected areas with an ice dice after which apply the oil. Wrap it up in a single day. Within the morning, scrub with a pumice stone.


Take some honey and blend it with turmeric after which instantly apply it within the affected space. Permit it to dry, break the paste off and rinse with heat water. It additionally makes your toes to really feel comfortable and clear.


Take some slices of potatoes and wrap them up towards the affected space. Depart them in a single day and within the morning rinse the residue with heat water.


Take some aspirin and crush up and blend with a pinch of water and lemon juice. For about ten minutes wrap up the world with a towel. Take away it and rinse with heat water.

Salt scrubs

Combine a rough salt with almond oil to organize a salt scrub. On the affected space, rub it and after some time rinse with heat water.

Orange peel

Oranges are very efficient within the remedy of pores and skin issues resembling corns and calluses. You may also take an orange peel and place it on the affected areas and permit it to do all.

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