50 Best Daily Affirmations For Women

Many of us have over the years become so accustomed to our overwhelming amount of small, negative self-talks we berate ourselves with; Yet, none of us should have to live like this.

Here is a list of 50 daily positive affirmations to tell yourself. Combat the negative self-talk. Condition your mind to talk gently and kindly to yourself

1. I am enough

2. I am complete

3. I am lovable

4. Amazing things are going to happen

5. I can make it through anything

6. My heart is calm

7. I am safe

8. I am wanted

9. My life is beautiful

10. I am limitless

11. I believe in myself

12. I am comfortable being me

13. I am worthy

14. I attract beautiful things into my life

15. I am surrounded in love

16. “I forgive myself and set myself free” – Louise Hay

17. I am proud of myself

18. I see the good in everyone

19. I have art and poetry

20. I can do anything I set my mind to

21. Everything is meant to be

22. I am in love with life

23. I am brave

24. I am a friend to myself

25. I am alive

26. I choose out of love, not fear

27. I have control over my own thoughts, feelings, and actions

28. Nothing is impossible

29. I am the universe

30. “All that I seek is already within me”

31. I have balance within me

32. I am ready to succeed

33. I am completely free

34. I am always growing

35. I see the beauty in everything

36. I am strong and healthy

37. “All is well in my world”

38. I am helpful

39. Everything happens for a reason

40. I am gentle with myself

41. I choose to be present

42. My heart is full of life and love

43. I am aware

44. I make my dreams into reality

45. I attract prosperity

46. I will find the answer

47. I am important

48. Everything is a blessing

49. Life is powerful

50. I am filled with gratitude

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