Callus and corn

Callus is a common thickening of the skin, which is generally of variable size. It is located under the heel or under the forefoot.Horn is a callus which affects the painful foot (skin hardening). It corresponds to the thickening of the most superficial layer of the skin,

consisting of the dead, flat cells of the skin (stratum corneum). It can be found between the toes, at the joints of the toes, especially on the yer hammer ın type or on the soles of the feet. Corn is created by a pressure point against the skin. This creates a mass of tissue with the center slowly growing pressure point.
Whether corn or calluses, these conditions often cause shoes, boots or unsuitable sandals. In many cases, too much pressure shoe or a biomechanical imbalance of the foot causes repeated friction or greater weight in a certain part of the foot and causes the formation of corn or callus. In some cases, dry skin may be a common factor that causes corn or callus.
Can not do:

Do not remove any corn made with scissors or nail scissors, as this may irritate your skin or cause serious irritation.
Some use a pumice stone, which can cause skin irritation. The pumice cannot be used once or twice a week and only on the heel. Serious irritation may occur in other parts of the foot.
Commercial chemicals used for corn relaxation are best avoided in people with diabetes and peripheral vascular disease. A moisturizer is recommended. A pediatrician can also suggest pads to reduce pain.
Podithia for recovery:
Consult your pediatrician, an expert in walking and walking. It can be used from podiatric medicine and sterile instruments to treat and treat corns and calluses. When you visit a pediatrician, you can be assured that you have the right to make informed suggestions to wear your shoes, boots or sandals. In some cases, the pediatrician may use or prescribe medications (creams, ointments) to determine the reason for adjusting your emotions or evaluating the biomechanical function of the lower extremities and feet.

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