Ever thought why some people bite nails?

Eating Quotes: Wont Relax Yourself
Since we have been a habit of nail eating disease since childhood, we can stay with the long-lasting weed.Total biting habit is also a very common disease.

Experts who research the nail biting habits of people have assumed that there is a mistake in the development of people’s psychosexuality

Distress and stress indicator
It is a frequently discussed issue that nail biting disease is caused by stress and stress. It is one of the factors that will affect nail biting and frustration.

Obsessive compulsive disorder
Nail biting is an indication of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It is a psychological problem that can be seen in people who give importance to excessive cleanliness and in people who have extreme obsessions.

A sign of perfection
Nail biting can usually be seen in people who are obsessed with making the best of everything. These types of people can get very annoyed and annoyed.


Need to avoid eating nails
It has both physical and emotional effects. The bite bite can cause bleeding and may cause the formation of bacteria.


To treat nail biting
– There are many different ways to prevent the nail biting.
– Regularly cutting our nails and keeping them short
– Painful nail paints may be effective

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