How Is Callus Treatment?

How Is Callus Treatment?
There are several reasons why callus is formed. The most important reason is the wrong shoe selection. However, misbehaving due to a foot-shaped disorder may also cause calluses. It is also likely to be seen in many standing or sweating feet. The dead skin layer can be unbearably painful to the person because of its active presence with the nerve endings.

Nasir is actually a kind of self-protection of the skin. If the skin is worn for any reason, it feels compelled to protect itself against external factors and therefore it gets thicker and protects itself. It is a defense and protection method.

If you want to do callus treatment, you must first remove the causes of callus. If you do not eliminate these factors, no matter how much treatment you will repeat calluses. Do not interrupt the callus during the process of callus treatment. Because if you try to clean the calligraphy yourself, you will have the possibility of getting clean skin and you can get an infection on your skin. This causes serious health problems. Depending on the severity of the condition of your skin to the infection can proceed until the kangrene. If a surgical intervention is required, it should be performed by your doctor. At the same time, do not disrupt the treatment of your doctor will give ointment. Especially if you want to stay away from calluses, you should wear orthopedic shoes. The shoes you wear at the same time neither too narrow nor too tight.

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