How To Create A Daily Cleaning Routine

Before we get into how I create a daily cleaning routine, I want to tell you all about Simply Spotless New York; a line of cleaning solutions I was recently introduced to. What’s different about Simply Spotless products is that they were actually created by an interior designer who realized there was a void in the market. Meryl Santopietro, along with her daughters and a team of chemists, created Simply Spotless New York. The products are effective yet gentle, and designed to protect and preserve the things you love. They’re environmentally conscious and have beautiful packaging that make you want to display them on your countertops.

Before being introduced to Simply Spotless, I was using products that were far too harsh. The scents were overpowering, and I actually ruined a few pieces of furniture because the cleaners were too strong. Now that I’ve been using Simply Spotless, it’s like a breath of fresh air. The products don’t have that harsh chemical smell that a lot of mass market cleaners do. The scents are light but the formulas are extremely effective. Now that we have Merlin, our King Charles puppy, we have to clean more than ever. It’s such a relief to know we’re using products that aren’t harmful to him, us, or the environment.

Now that you know what products I use, let’s get into how to create a daily cleaning routine. The key to keeping messes under control is to do a little bit each day. The longer you wait to clean or perform a chore, the longer the list gets and the bigger the mess gets. What I’ve found to be helpful is to designate certain chores for different days of the week. There are certain chores like making your bed that have to be done everyday, while dusting is something you can do on a more weekly basis. Below I’ve created a chart for you breaking down my daily cleaning routine.



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